You're Here for A Reason.

Getting started as a speaker can be both exciting and scary. Learn how to be a confident, focused, and intentional speaker so you can change lives, get the bag, and blaze the stage.


Next training is August 23, 2022 from 6:30 PM EST to 8:30 PM EST.

Time is Ticking!

What You'll Learn

This training is packed with goodness. Here are a few things you can expect:


  • Discover how to approach speaking with enthusiasm and absolute confidence.
  • Cultivate mindset for success so you can win regardless of where you may be on your journey.
  • Get the clarity you need about your audience so you can make meaningful difference in the lives of those you’ll serve.
  • Establish your area of expertise so you can be focused, intentional, and consistently reach your goals.
  • Identify your strengths as a speaker so you can walk in your purpose, get the bag, and blaze the stage.

Your Audience is Waiting for You!